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VIP Rules

Started by M0ngi, March 14, 2020, 08:58:04 AM

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March 14, 2020, 08:58:04 AM Last Edit: October 16, 2020, 10:33:01 AM by Demo

1 - The use of CJ Skin while being wanted and/or in a roleplay situation is strictly prohibited.

2 - You are not allowed to share weapon which you earn from /dweaps to other player.

3 - The use of /armor while in an IC shootout is strictly prohibited.

4 - Abusing the selling of cars that benefits both parties (the seller and the buyer) is extremely prohibited. For an example: The VIP buys a random vehicle car, turns it into a Turismo (Around 500k) then the person whos buying gets 500k from vip which means the person buys the car for free. Also the VIP will get his 500k back. The main goal is after that transaction the buyer sells the car at the dealership (around 400k), with that the buyer shares half of the money (200k each).

5 - Vehicles not mentioned in this topic (click me) are considered as VIP Vehicles, Selling these vehicles is strictly prohibited.

6 - The use of unobtainable VIP Vehicles (Monster, Dumper...) while being wanted is strictly prohibited.

7 - The misuse (abuse) of VIP Vehicles (Monster, Dumper...) is not allowed. This includes exploiting bugs, destroying players' vehicles...

Failing to obey one of the rules above will lead you to a warning which is represented by *
Note : Once a player reaches 3 warnings, his VIP will be removed.

Warned players:
BOSS._.KOUKI ** - Rule 4x2
[sc]rider ** - Rule 4 x2
dani_Godhelot ** - Rule 5, Rule 4
Lohith * - Rule 4
buccaneer * - Rule 4
[AR]TONY * - Rule 4
Pennywise * - Rule 4
[SC]Berlin * - Rule 4
mully_428 * - Rule 4
Heinseberg * - Rule 4

eLg admins reserve the right to alter these rules at any time. Any changes will be taken into effect immediately. Maximum punishment may be taken if the rule has been broken several times consecutively.


Updated, rule 4 is explained to the detail.


Warned players updated.

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