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Regarding Weapon License

Started by Rabbit, September 13, 2021, 04:26:59 PM

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Even though I assume the role of Head Admin here, I'd like to address this publically and suggest a change to the weapons license system.

In effect, remove the public weapons license from being bought by anyone over Level 2. This weapon license should be changed to something that is given to players by Law Enforcement leadership (and admins).
Also, allow weapons to be sold by gangs/mafias (from crafted weapons/materials) to players WITHOUT weapon license.

I think this would generally improve the balance in the server. Gangs can roleplay acquiring their beloved assault rifles from mafias, and it would stop every Tom, Dick, and Harry from running around with combat shotguns :)

Please discuss!

Characters Alive:
Santino Milano(organized crime)
"Razor" Mendes


Good point, we could also implement the system of posting an application at the police department to acquire the weapon license, instead of having to deal with it in an OOC way.



+1 for everything that improves and encourages roleplay




Bache bia payeen baw kossher nago saremon dard gereft




finally somebody talks about it +1


it should be a thing already +1 8)
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