Los Santos Department Events - 03/01/2020

Started by M0ngi, January 03, 2020, 07:21:51 PM

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(( This would be available for the public. ))

In 03/01/2020, an unknown suspect broke into the Los Santos Headquarter & shot down 3 officers, Damaged the computers which lead to corrupting the data.
On the same day, Two suspects, Named Slade Wilson & Jubal, fleed out of Los Santos department.
Moreover, an insider have helped these two suspects to flee & deleted their records & investigation out of the department's database.
The Los Santos Department is offering a bounty of $250,000 to whoever provides an information that could help in the arrest of the following suspects:

Slade Wilson (( Slade ))

Jubal (( Ordo ))

Deckard Shaw (( Art3mis ))

(( This section would be visible an announcement for the department staff. ))

Due to the latest events & after the pre investigation, The Los Santos Police Department including it's parking would be a private area, Accessible by the Cheif of the department only & protected by an elite team from the army, Lethal force garanted to use.
The area would stay locked till an other until further notice.
Also, The known SWAT Team Commander, Deckard Shaw, has been suspended from his duty due to his involvement in the latest events.
(( Org members can still use the PD to for pickups, Vehicles but cannot use it for RolePlay Purposes ))

Regards, Smith

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