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in_Blitz - Refund of 26k

Started by Blitz_Wolf, January 13, 2021, 03:47:45 PM

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Your in-game name: in_Blitz
Asset(s) you have lost: 26k
Evidence (screenshot / video): https://imgur.com/lOkz7P1, https://imgur.com/TSeNta
Witnesses: I don't know, I was AFK when he killed me, but I think Focus was there.
Explain the situation: So, I was helping PrinceAX, a new player in our server to Verdant Meadows to take the pilot license. I had 52k with me at that time. And, when I dropped him, I said I was going AFK to eat. And, I went AFK. When I came back, I saw that I am standing in LV Hospital. When I scrolled up the chat, I saw that I was killed by Nenad_Nesnic with fists [his spelling might be wrong]. So, I first called "Admin", but no admins were online at that time. So, I DMed Gear and send him the SS and he said action will be taking against him but you have to post a refund appeal to get back your money. That's why I'm here.
Additional information: The first pic is when he killed me. The second pic shows the report I sent against him to the server admins.


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