San Andreas Police Department - Gang Intelligence Unit - Case Number 8 ((WSGB))

Started by Gear, October 17, 2020, 08:51:14 PM

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(( Accessible by Detective+ & SWAT only, avoid MetaGaming. There would be backup copies of each investigation. ))

On 17thOctober, 2020, Cpt. Kruger and Detective Jon came across a deal between 2 individuals during the course of investigation of a suspect, as reported to them both the suspect had stopped at Willowfield, Cpt. Kruger and Detective Jon both pictured the scene staying unnoticed. As soon as they saw the suspect's vehicle drive away Kruger drove upto the other individual as Detective chased the suspect's vehicle. The Captain tried to negotiate with the person but he wasn't giving clear information so the captain decided take him him to  the department for interrogation but the suspect managed to flee. The Cpt. photograph the area and also recorded a license plate.

The Captain was later informed that the suspect they were after had been shot down by an officer during
a shootout that took place at Vinewood, Kruger reported at the shootout scene and Officer Demonde presented him all illegal items found from the suspect's body and his vehicle which was the Weed that the suspect bought. Later the forensic and Face recognition tests the person was identified to be ((kermit aka Dwayne)). The link would be investigated as it is likely that the suspect is affiliated with a gang.

Dashcam footage: ((

Case has been assigned to Dwayne Arthur ((elite))

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