Tommy's Business Establishment/Upgrade Request"

Started by ĐⱤ_₮Ø₥₥Ɏ, October 16, 2020, 07:37:08 AM

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[Your in-game name: Dr_Tommy
In-game score: +252
Picture of the exterior(along with the exact location on map):

Name of the building(if any): Previou Name <HS>Kings {NEW NAME: N/A}
How much does your business cost:  (Per SHARE 50K) Total : 5m
What's the price change: {(Per share 75k) total 7.5m}
Additional information: None.



Quote from: Demo on October 12, 2020, 02:49:19 PM
Also you can apply for an upgrade of you business. VIP Ultimates can upgrade their business up to 10.000.000$. All the rest of the players can upgrade their business up to 5.000.000$. As i said above if you think you pass all the requirements coppy the format bellow and post it in a new thread.
Before asking for an upgrade, kindly read what it says. Request denied.

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