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Ketchup - eLg Application
« on: August 02, 2020, 03:48:06 PM »
First name: Riho
Age (be honest): 21
Country: Estonia
In-game name: Ketchup
Discord name: Ketchup
In-game score 50
Previous clans or servers: eLg, uG, RG, eG - some more long time ago
Organizations you have joined: SWAT
Can you write English fluently: Sure
Did you read the Clan Rules?: Yes
Have you ever used any illegal tools like hacks/cheats: Ofcourse
With your own words, explain the meaning of "roleplaying": You create a character, with a proper name, with whom you act out as you would in real life and
use the given commands to do so.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "powergaming": It has three meanings:
1) Having unrealistic powers or unrealistic character features.
2) Forcing someone else to roleplay the way you want.
3) Saying you have roleplayed obtaining something, which you haven't.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "metagaming": Mixing OOC and IC information for your own gain.
Tell us about yourself? (Min 40 words): I started playing here in 2011 and I have been known as Ketchup since 2012. I was in the first Helpdesk Team known as Support
Team back in 2014. I have lead many organisations in my time here, also been an admin here for some time. Most of the time I have a lot banter with my IG friends, which might look like I am toxic, but I am not.
Why should we accept you?: I would bring a lot of experience with myself into the clan and I am fond to share it, if asked.
How can you benefit the server?: I've always been helpful towards the players in need and will keep doing so.
Anything else you would like to add: Thanks

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Re: Ketchup - eLg Application
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