Author Topic: Viktor Patrov - San Andreas Country Sheriff's Departement Application  (Read 53 times)

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Personal Information

First Name:Viktor.
Middle Name:N/A

Contact Details

Address Line:
Phone Number:97000047.

Work Experience

Employment History
Company/Agency Name:SAAM
Position:Doherty,San Fierro.
Duties Summary:That was my first job in the city as I was changing wheels, repairing the engine, repainting cars, etc.
Employment Term: IDK/IDK/2019 to IDK/IDK/2019
Reason for Leaving:After I heard the news that the manager had gone out, I also left because I had strong relations between him and him, after that the majority of the workers broke their contract and decided to close the headquarters.

Company/Agency Name: Orekhovskaya
Position:startfish casino,LV
Duties Summary:We used to do some things like theft, etc. and also train in the use of weapons and how to drive like a pro.
Employment Term: IDK/IDK/2020 to IDK/IDK/2020
Reason for Leaving:After a long time I realized how bad this job was so I chose to be an enemy of the team rather than a member, And I didn't even have the right to demand anything.


How did you learn about this job?:I saw some of my friends join This Job, so I decided to go in, too, since I'm good at shooting and driving, so I said for sure they need someone like me.

Why do you want to join?: I want to join because I love justice and truth, and I must join to implement it, As when I was little, it was always my dream to join the government, I also think it is very convenient to join, I am currently trying to develop some skills like shooting etc.I also have many talents, but I hide them so my friends do not say that you boast about them.

Out Of Character Info.
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In game level:70.
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S.A.C.S.D Recruitment Desk

Handling Staff: Dante Robespierre - Sheriff of Red County
Candidate's Name: Victor Patov

Dear Victor Patov, I'm here to announce that your application has been set to PENDING until it gets a further response from supervisory staff. You are required to appear to our headquarters at Whitewood Estates, Las Venturas to complete your training program ((you'll be called today or tomorrow for this whenever both parties are ready)).

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