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Koussai_clan application
« on: July 05, 2020, 09:38:06 PM »
First name:koussai
Age (be honest):18
In-game name:Koussai
Discord name:koussai#7680
In-game score518+
Previous clans or servers:the first and the only server
Organizations you have joined: SAAM /TMF/co_Orekh/ sapd
Can you write English fluently:yes
Did you read the Clan Rules?:ofc
Have you ever used any illegal tools like hacks/cheats:never
With your own words, explain the meaning of "roleplaying": acting as caracter in real life releastic with using /me & /do.
Example: Koussai hops in his bike.
.Koussai grabs his key , puts it in the key hole.
Koussai turns on the engine and makes his way to his work.
*the engine would be on*(Koussai)
With your own words, explain the meaning of "powergaming": doing somethings cant do in real life somethings isnt releastic(like bunnyhop) , forcing somone to role-play with you.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "metagaming": Mixing IC with OOC info ( like using /s in things ooc; hey wiou what you doing / writing in main chat : hey wiou come atruim im wanted come help me)
Tell us about yourself? (Min 40 words): im a simple player, i have 4 months in the server , in my first days i was very bad player but now i learned many rules i didnt break rules i love all players i learned roleplaying and evryday im trying to be good then last day.
Why should we accept you?: in my first weeks in the server i have found many difficult to playing without dm and following rules but now i have chnage my behavor , i have many reloations with others and maybee i can be a good helper in the future.
How can you benefit the server?: i have many freinds from this server i have learned many things , i enjoy playing with my freinds , i pass my time to forgot the corona and know more friends .
Anything else you would like to add:no
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Re: Koussai_clan application
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