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DankMemes eLg clan application
« on: July 05, 2020, 09:34:00 PM »
First name: Fábio
Age (be honest): 20
Country: Portugal
In-game name: DankMemes
Discord name:  DankMemes#4790
In-game score 156
Previous clans or servers: eLg, RG, HG, OG
Organizations you have joined: too many to count so far
Can you write English fluently: Yes
Did you read the Clan Rules?: Yes
Have you ever used any illegal tools like hacks/cheats: Yes
With your own words, explain the meaning of "roleplaying": Roleplaying is when you take up a character in the game and perform actions with it as if it were you doing those same thing in real life
* DankMemes grabs his car keys
* DankMemes inserts them in the ignition and turns it, starting the engine
* DankMemes drives to neverland
With your own words, explain the meaning of "powergaming": Powergaming is when players try or do actions in game that are not possible in real life, or that forces the other players to obey their rp, leaving them without a chance to fight back
With your own words, explain the meaning of "metagaming": Metagaming is using ooc info and using that to know information about the players that you wouldnt have access to in real life, for example, their location just because they said it in the chat
Tell us about yourself? (Min 40 words): I'm a young adult right now with many objectives in life, one of them( and about to be real, hopefully) is becoming a police officer, which explains my recent love for the law orgs in the server. Besides that, I'm a gaming enthusiast that does nothing else at home, except gaming and listening to fucking metal.
Why should we accept you?: I've been in this clan for years already and I'm aware that I contributed a lot to the server and roleplay in general
How can you benefit the server?: As an old member and player, I have tons of experience that I've shared with many players throughout the time and will continue to do so
Anything else you would like to add: I love demo
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Re: DankMemes eLg clan application
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