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Pong - Clan Application
« on: July 05, 2020, 09:07:25 PM »
First name:Mostafa
Age (be honest):14
In-game name:Pong
Discord name:Pong#1517
In-game score 443.
Previous clans or servers: eLg.
Organizations you have joined: SAPD, FBI and Co-leaded SAAM.
Can you write English fluently: Yes.
Did you read the Clan Rules?: Yes, I did.
Have you ever used any illegal tools like hacks/cheats: No.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "roleplaying":RP is to act like a certain character in different situations... to describe the actions performed by the character, we use /me, and to describe the reactions of what the character does, we use /do.
Example: /me Reaches his weapon, unholstering it. Replaces it's the clip, reloading the weapon. /me Fires at the car's front window.
/do The window of the car would get broken, and there would be glass all over the car.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "powergaming":PG is forcing action on a player or performing a physically impossible action.
Examples: 1. Performing an action that is physically impossible in real life, or impossible given the circumstances in which the character is; such as role-playing flying around or lifting a car with one hand.
2. The other side of PG is forcing a player into an RP scene whose character is not related to, or forcing a certain action on a player without giving him the chance to react; like cuffing the suspect without his confirmation of co-operation with the process.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "metagaming":MG is the misuse of information within RP scenes or using information gained out of character within the RP scene.
EXAMPLE: Using information like the player's name, age, position or stats, within an RP scene without gaining them in-character; or reacting to the information
given in the main chat, that includes knowing the player's position through the main chat, or accepting a phone call without the proper RP for it.
Tell us about yourself? (Min 40 words):Hello, my name is Pong, I've been a member of the community for 7 years, I've experienced being Senior HDO for 2 months+ and I'm a decent, experienced and professional roleplayer. I've held the clan tag for a while until there was an owner replacement, so I've been called to reapply, I'm a pretty much known player, and that's all!
Why should we accept you?:The the reason you should accept me for is, I'm a dedicated and old player of eLg. I've joined eLg 2013-2014, which means I know every single rule that was supposed to be known. I'm a good roleplayer as I've stated above, can write fluent and understandable English. I'm an active player, respectful, and I can be an excellent example to present eLg players. To conclude, my knowledge about this server and roleplay is pretty wide, I'm dependable to the server, and I'm a pretty much-known member with my old name: Mostafa_Killer. I've also proven my professionality by succeeding in teaching a few of our new players, that made it in law organizations, and mafias.
How can you benefit the server?:As I've stated, my knowledge about the server's rules and commands are pretty high, so I can lead the new players entirely, increasing their understanding of the server. I would also teach them the basics of roleplay until they're able to make a proper roleplay. I've been an HDO under Rutherford's lead, in addition of being Senior HDO under Levi's team, so that proves I can take responsibilities and that I'm worth wearing the tag, that the new players and the admins can depend on me. I'm maturely acting, and proving the highness of eLg's wisdom in choosing their clan members.
Anything else you would like to add:N/A
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Re: Pong - Clan Application
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