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Ban Appeals / Re: 𝔲𝔫𝔟𝔞𝔫
« Last post by GigaBoy on Today at 09:42:24 PM »
User failed to prove his innocence, therefore will stay banned.

Ban Appeals / Re: Unban appeal
« Last post by GigaBoy on Today at 09:41:55 PM »
User will remain banned.

Clan Recruitment / Koussai_elg recruiting
« Last post by Koussai on Today at 09:38:06 PM »
First name:koussai
Age (be honest):18
In-game name:Koussai
Discord name:koussai#7680
In-game score418+
Previous clans or servers:the first and the only server
Organizations you have joined: SAAM /TMF/Orekh/ sapd
Can you write English fluently:yes
Did you read the Clan Rules?:ofc
Have you ever used any illegal tools like hacks/cheats:never
With your own words, explain the meaning of "roleplaying":acting as caracter in real life releastic with using /me & /do.
Example: Koussai hops in his bike.
.Koussai grabs his key , puts it in the key hole.
Koussai turns on the engine and makes his way to his work.
*the engine would be on*(Koussai)
With your own words, explain the meaning of "powergaming":doing somethings cant do in real life somethings isnt releastic(like bunnyhop) , forcing somone to role-play with you.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "metagaming":Mixing IC with OOC info ( like using /s in things ooc; hey wiou what you doing / writing in main chat : hey wiou come atruim im wanted come help me)
Tell us about yourself? (Min 40 words):im a simple player, i have 4 months in the server , in my first days i was very bad player but now i learned many rules i didnt break rules i love all players i learned roleplaying and evryday im trying to be good then last day.
Why should we accept you?:in my first weeks in the server i have found many difficult to playing without dm and following rules but now i have chnage my behavor , i have many reloations with others and maybee i can be a good helper in the future.
How can you benefit the server?: i have many freinds from this server i have learned many things , i enjoy playing with my freinds , i pass my time to forgot the corona and know more friends .
Anything else you would like to add:No .
Anything else you would like to add:no
Helpdesk Section / Re: Who Do I Contact?
« Last post by Demo on Today at 09:36:35 PM »
Clan Recruitment / DankMemes eLg clan application
« Last post by DankMemes on Today at 09:34:00 PM »
First name: Fábio
Age (be honest): 20
Country: Portugal
In-game name: DankMemes
Discord name:  DankMemes#4790
In-game score 156
Previous clans or servers: eLg, RG, HG, OG
Organizations you have joined: too many to count so far
Can you write English fluently: Yes
Did you read the Clan Rules?: Yes
Have you ever used any illegal tools like hacks/cheats: Yes
With your own words, explain the meaning of "roleplaying": Roleplaying is when you take up a character in the game and perform actions with it as if it were you doing those same thing in real life
* DankMemes grabs his car keys
* DankMemes inserts them in the ignition and turns it, starting the engine
* DankMemes drives to neverland
With your own words, explain the meaning of "powergaming": Powergaming is when players try or do actions in game that are not possible in real life, or that forces the other players to obey their rp, leaving them without a chance to fight back
With your own words, explain the meaning of "metagaming": Metagaming is using ooc info and using that to know information about the players that you wouldnt have access to in real life, for example, their location just because they said it in the chat
Tell us about yourself? (Min 40 words): I'm a young adult right now with many objectives in life, one of them( and about to be real, hopefully) is becoming a police officer, which explains my recent love for the law orgs in the server. Besides that, I'm a gaming enthusiast that does nothing else at home, except gaming and listening to fucking metal.
Why should we accept you?: I've been in this clan for years already and I'm aware that I contributed a lot to the server and roleplay in general
How can you benefit the server?: As an old member and player, I have tons of experience that I've shared with many players throughout the time and will continue to do so
Anything else you would like to add: I love demo
Clan Recruitment / bringo - Clan Application
« Last post by bringo on Today at 09:33:48 PM »
First name:Yassine.
Age (be honest):14.
In-game name:bringo.
Discord name:bringo#8249.
In-game score220.
Previous clans or servers:RG,eLg,OG,Los santos 2.
Organizations you have joined:SAAM_Orekho_fyb.
Can you write English fluently:Yes.
Did you read the Clan Rules?:Yes.
Have you ever used any illegal tools like hacks/cheats:Yes i was use Aimbot But Now i have remove all cleo Folder From my Pc and am realy I regret my doing.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "roleplaying":Role play is the act of imitating the character and behaviour of someone who is different from yourself, for example as a training exercise.
Group members have to communicate with each other through role-play And it is done by using /me And /do and /ame.
With your own words, explain the meaning of "powergaming": Forcing somone to roleplay with you , do somethings can't do in real life (somethings isnt releastic) Example: You are in rp scene and someone starts shooting you and you run and jump , you are tied up in rp scene and you move  Or telling your friend in main chat to come and help you example (koussai am in ganton and am wanted come and help me)
With your own words, explain the meaning of "metagaming":metagaming is an "out of character" action where a player's character makes use of knowledge that the player is aware of but that the character is not meant to be aware of. Metagaming while taking part in relatively competitive games, or those with a more serious tone, is typically not well received, because a character played by a metagamer does not act in a way that reflects the character's in-game experiences and back-story.

Historically, metagaming in RPGs referred to the traditional military use of metagaming where players applied out-of-game information to gain an unfair advantage in a game.
Tell us about yourself? (Min 40 words):Hello, I am bringo, I am a simple person. I joined this server one year ago with the intention of enjoying killing people etc. But it turned out that they were like a family to my heart and I became a friend of them , And they loved me so I changed my habits and became the favorite of some
Why should we accept you?:In my opinion, I think you should accept me as a member with you in this Clan. I will make it somewhere else
How can you benefit the server?:I can benefit that I help the new to the server and so I get internal happiness and I can also benefit by learning more English and spending my time with this virus so I can talk to my friends without exposing myself to danger
Anything else you would like to add:N/A
Spam / Re: sup
« Last post by wiou on Today at 09:32:01 PM »
beckzy paying for eLg???
Spam / Re: sup
« Last post by Liam on Today at 09:29:06 PM »
I've been trying to buy it back for 6+ months. I even offered twice the original cost. Clearly Tahiti depend on it haha
That doesn't answer my question but gg Timhiti we go
Spam / Re: German topic
« Last post by Anko on Today at 09:28:03 PM »
ich hab' irgendwo gehört dass du eigentlich in deutschland studieren wirst, ist das denn wahr oder
Woher hast du das gehört?
Ja, Ich bin lernen a1 Niveau
I can't speak more German than this oof. I'm taking language classes and will be giving my try for aufnamehpüfum but I can't attend them yet due to covid shit so trying to learn some A1 level on my own.
Clan Recruitment / Re: Pong - Clan Application
« Last post by Juninho on Today at 09:20:39 PM »
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