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Refunds / Re: bus refund
Last post by blitzwolf - Today at 04:43:03 PM
Report a User / Re: Rich Ban post
Last post by blitzwolf - Today at 11:10:14 AM
Player will be left with a warning, thanks for reporting.
Report a User / Re: Report against TCF members
Last post by blitzwolf - Today at 08:56:16 AM
Both parties, the reporting and the reported party have broken rules. Will be dealt with.
The Corleone Family / Re: The Corleone Family ~ Acti...
Last post by Aiden - Today at 07:32:10 AM

General Chat / Re: You!
Last post by Liberal - July 29, 2021, 10:11:55 PM
is this Ducky against Penguin?
Helpdesk Recruitment / Re: Helpdesk Operator - Recrui...
Last post by blitzwolf - July 29, 2021, 05:34:13 PM
The Helpdesk team is at 11/12 members and is looking for one more more. If you think you're fit for the role, send Blitz a private message on the forum or send blitzwolf#2195 a direct message (with your application) on Discord.
Server Appeals / Server Appeals - Board Rules
Last post by blitzwolf - July 29, 2021, 05:17:23 PM

Board Rules

These rules are meant to be followed when you are making a topic in this board or replying to a topic.

  • You are not allowed to reply to a topic if you're not mentioned in it or if you're not an administrator.
  • You cannot use hurtful words.
  • You cannot double-post. (i.e. posting twice or more times in the same topic in a row)
  • You cannot post meaningless replies.
  • You cannot bump a topic. (i.e. adding a reply on an inactive thread to get it to the top)
  • You must use the appropriate format for each section.
        Report a User
        Ban Appeal
        Report a staff member

Note: eLg administrators reserve the right to alter these rules at any time. Any changes will be taken into effect immediately. Maximum punishment may extend if the rule has been broken several times consecutively, or by the choice of the administrator.

Refunds / Re: bus refund
Last post by Aiden - July 29, 2021, 04:28:38 PM
Report a User / Re: Rich Ban post
Last post by blitzwolf - July 29, 2021, 03:56:26 PM
San Andreas Police Department / Re: San Andreas Police Departm...
Last post by Gear - July 29, 2021, 03:55:57 PM

Surveillance Guide

The following guide is only accessible by the ranks of Detective+ please don't share the topic without permission.

Surveillance defines as the careful watching of an individual, group or an event used mainly on our suspects to acquire more information about something or someone. The department will conduct training sessions for detectives and the most important thing is to not get recognized or spotted or you may compromise the entire investigation.

Surveillance missions are often risky but they can be beneficial to the case if everything goes fine and we get the information remaining unnoticed and for that to happen a police detective must at all times make sure that the suspect doesn't spot them but if the suspect spots you then you can arrest them under suspicion for being involved into the case and hiding evidence.

Guide for surveillance
Individual: When you're spying on an individual ensure that you remain unnoticed by all means or blend into the places your target goes to, never act suspicious and intelligently do the task you're asked to do you can wiretap the places or place hidden surveillance cameras taking permission from the department or just follow the suspect at the places you'd be able to go to but you must never blow your cover and if the risk increases then you must abort the mission and leave before it's too late. If in a case where the individual spots you... the outcome of that varies depending on the type of information or the role of the target is and under various circumstances you have the choice to either apprehend your target, follow your target to a place or let your target flee but your utmost priority always stays not being caught so be careful.

Group: When you're spying on a group you must remain unnoticed by all means similar to the lines above, while in a group you'll be targeting multiple people with multiple eyes so not 2 eyes but many eyes will be required and you'll probably be accompanied by the other detectives but if you're going to do this task by yourself then you must keep your focus on the whole group. If in an event where 1 or more person from the group spot you or become aware of them being spied on try your best to not let the information be circulated in the whole group which would mean the operation would fail as the whole group will try to escape and you'll fail to get your information as you were tasked to so for that to not happen you can apprehend the member of the group who knows about the situation if it would be possible for you to do so but this also means you'll be risking the operation on the sudden absence of the  member of the group which could be risky so be aware and always be mindful if you can still go on with the mission or not but if you cannot continue the operation anymore then your only choice is to return trying not to get spotted by the rest.

Event: When you're spying on an event which could be a gathering, a party, a public place etc.. you'll need to make sure you blend into the atmosphere if that's the case or else be hidden while still having your eyes on the thing you're trying to look at, be aware that you again must not get caught or get everyone's attention which would appear being very risky especially if your targets notice you with that, if you get caught or fall into a situation where you're sure you'll be spotted then try your best to leave the place before being caught.

orignal guide, credits: gear
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