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Unofficial Organizations / Re: Khadzhiyev Brigada
October 15, 2021, 06:30:22 PM
Unofficial Organizations / Khadzhiyev Brigada
October 15, 2021, 01:53:02 PM

BY Adrian Garrido | September 15th, 2021

EAST BEACH -- The story of organized crime within East Beach varies from organization to organization, but the fall of the Kuznetsov Mafiya has left a once-thriving drug market into shambles. Long Beach has gained tourists and it is where many families of Russian-American generations were born at the start in 1990. Since then, eastern Europeans have moved into the location. The polices' action on the Kuznetsov Mafiya led the organization into shambles. After their fall, until not too long time ago, citizens have thought their stay in Long Beach is now safe of organized crime, but they were wrong:
Chechen organized crime has flourished after the end of the Chechen war when many Chechens immigrated into the United States and nearing nations. Though it seemed as if only Chechen families and innocent citizens moved out of Chechnya, it is a different story for the militants, mercenaries of the Chechen war that moved out to use their talents somewhere else.

Chechen organized crime flourished as such, using the gun trade to their advantage and their skills into extortion.
Crackdown on Chechen organized crime is no different than the one on the Kuznetsov Mafiya, but times have changed. Violence while keeping their heads down is the whole shtick of the Khadzhiyev Brigada, ruling Long Beach with an iron fist, mainly specializing in the gun trade and extortion.
This is not the end of Chechen organized crime, though. The vor y zakone aren't gone, and never will, though it seems that the fate of the Khadzhiyev Brigada still remains unclear.
General Chat / Re: 5 Million giveaway
March 08, 2020, 04:22:51 PM
In Game Name : Serpent
Your discord name with tag : Valtahias#3513
Your number: 69
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