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Today at 01:14:10 PM Juninho says: I hate giga with a passion
Today at 01:05:18 PM Saranya_ says: Join me in my discord : Saranya#3488
Today at 12:30:13 PM police says: yea sure if you dont get banned and lose your progress. If you take games seriously, then i'm sorry for you. I play for relaxing a bit, and i'd suggest you do the same.
Today at 12:26:05 PM Talos Stormcrown says: might as well ditch the rules in any server on any game because its just a game
Today at 12:18:35 PM Levi says: bruh...
Today at 12:14:30 PM police says: so enjoy. do whatever makes you happy.
Today at 12:12:53 PM Talos Stormcrown says: so what
Today at 11:56:47 AM police says: it is a game lol
Today at 11:39:00 AM Talos Stormcrown says: at least he's not enticing people to hack
Today at 11:36:04 AM police says: frank is actually performing his admin duties
Today at 11:27:22 AM Leon says: m
Today at 11:25:36 AM Talos Stormcrown says: ye fuck you crowe
Today at 11:02:15 AM bringo says: Dom hi
Today at 10:15:07 AM bringo says: me too i cant breathe without eLg
Today at 10:04:46 AM Bero says: I cant breathe without elg
Today at 09:58:27 AM police says: i cant live without elg
Today at 03:34:43 AM Juninho says: Foreignerrrrr
Today at 03:34:33 AM Juninho says: Iím like baby I ainít normal 😳
Today at 03:34:24 AM Juninho says: She like papi I adore u
Today at 03:26:07 AM Bero says: Nobody is taking elg from me, it's mine.
Today at 12:02:31 AM Zach says: fuck you crowe
July 03, 2020, 11:24:03 PM Colt says: fUcK Pee Tee Cee El
July 03, 2020, 11:23:46 PM Colt says: Why it got posted 3 times
July 03, 2020, 11:23:34 PM Colt says: Wtaf
July 03, 2020, 11:23:15 PM Colt says: Hello Mr.Celebrity aka Trovixo
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